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Tikkun Olam

Updated: Jun 7, 2023

A few weeks ago, Rabbi Michal decided that in the place of giving her regular class on Thursdays, she would like to spend those hours supporting communities in need. These communities include our unhoused neighbors, victims of domestic violence, those whose lives have been shattered by gun violence, working against racism and antisemitism supporting seniors at risk and so much more.

Often these issues seem overwhelming and one might feel that there is not much one person can do. However, when we work together, we can actually accomplish a lot, and every little bit helps!

When we, like Rabbi Michal ask, “What can I do,” the universe will give you an answer. Enter Big Sunday. Rabbi Michal invites you to join her to do our small 'bit' in giving back and trying to help improve the quality of life for those in need which this wonderful non profit enables us to do.

As you know, Tikkun Olam is a Hebrew term that means "repairing the world." In our Jewish tradition, it refers to the idea that it is our responsibility as humans to work towards making the world a better place through acts of kindness, charity, and social action.

The concept of Tikkun Olam is deeply rooted in Ahavat Torah's beliefs and values, and is seen as a fundamental part of fulfilling the commandments and obligations of Judaism. It encourages individuals to take an active role in repairing the world, whether through individual acts of kindness, volunteering in their community, or working towards broader social justice causes.

Tikkun Olam has become a universal concept and is often used outside of Jewish contexts to refer to social action and community service aimed at promoting the common good. It emphasizes the importance of social responsibility and the need for individuals to use their skills and resources to address the problems and injustices in the world. In essence, Tikkun Olam is a call to action to work towards a more just and compassionate society, with the goal of repairing the brokenness of the world and making it a better place for all.

This is also the mission of Big Sunday. They organize over 2000 ways for you to get involved every year – from working on service projects at their headquarters, helping them collect materials for food, book, and school supply drives, to joining them for school beautification projects, and much more!

We at Ahavat Torah, support the concept of creating a fair and equal society in which all individuals are treated with dignity and respect, and have access to the same opportunities and resources. We support promoting the welfare of all people, regardless of their race, ethnicity, gender, socioeconomic status, religion, sexual orientation, or any other characteristic.

Ultimately, the goal of social justice is to create a more equitable and just society for all people.

Like Rabbi Michal, ask yourself the question: "what can I do" and answer this CALL TO ACTION. Offer your skills and go when you can. This is an hour and a half of your time once a week or once a month or whenever you can, that will change the world for someone else.

Participating in social justice activities can be a powerful way to create positive change, build relationships, make a meaningful impact on the world, and make new friends!

Click on this link to see all the amazing activities that Big Sunday is involved in and how you can help. This small gesture, once a month or even on occasion, can change someone's life. That is the best feeling of all.

Please write to Rabbi Michal to let her know if you can participate and she will be in touch.


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