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Ahavat Torah is a warm, welcoming, and compassionate community, celebrating the fellowship of people drawn together by a love of Jewish spirituality, ethics, culture and traditions. With a strong desire to learn from many teachers, our congregation is a place where everyone has an equal opportunity to nurture their spiritual practices and share their wisdom. We are deeply committed to Tikkun Olam within our congregation, the community, and the world.

There are many, many ways that you can support Ahavat Torah! Here are just a few.

There are several funds to which you can make a donation.

  • High Holiday Yom Kippur Appeal and Memorial Book of Remembrance, Gary and Maxine Levine

  • We have a Fund for a shelf at SOVA to feed the hungry. Please contact Renee Schwartz

  • Rabbi Michal Morris Kamil Discretionary Fund please contact her HERE.

  • Rabbi Miriam Hamrell's Discretionary Fund please contact her HERE

  • To contribute to our Year End Fund please send your donations to Ahavat Torah Congregation C/O Jaffe 2626 34th Street, Santa Monica, CA. 90405

Send original tribute cards for those special occasions with AT’s beautiful collection.

Perfect for all your mitzvot-birthdays, anniversaries, congratulations, well wishes, retirement and condolences.


To obtain your special Donation Cards:

Step 1: Select from the cards below

Choose your contribution: 1 card $10.00   5 cards $40.00   10 cards $70.00   15 cards $100.00.

Step 2: Contact either Marilyn or Marvin Warsofsky by phone 323-917-5077 or e-mail Marvin  HERE to arrange distribution.

Step 3: Send your check or credit card information to Ahavat Torah C/O Jaffe 2626 34th Street, Santa Monica, CA. 90405. Upon receipt, your cards will be sent to you. Each Tribute Card says: “The one who gives Tzedakah makes a thoughtful offering” (Ben Sira 35:2) as well as "Ahavat Torah, our warm and welcoming congregation, gratefully acknowledges a donation by… to support its many worthy projects."

Artful Tribute Cards for All Occasions

Select your card


Thank you for your contribution!

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