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Who We Are

Ahavat Torah is a warm, welcoming and compassionate community, celebrating the fellowship of people drawn together by a love of Jewish spirituality, ethics, culture and traditions. Strong on kavanah (intention), with a desire to learn from the many teachers in our community; we are the place where everyone has an equal opportunity to nurture their spiritual intention and share their wisdom. 

We are deeply committed to tikkun olam (healing the world) within our congregation, the community, and the world.

We serve people at different stages of their lives and provide a variety of fun, educational and traditional programs for singles, couples, families, and empty nesters from diverse backgrounds.

We all come together to build and nurture our spiritual community. Our two compassionate and scholarly Rabbis provide rich experiences and officiation at all lifecycle events. 

We are committed to creating a warm and accepting environment that respects and values the diversity of our members. In our community, people of all backgrounds, beliefs, and abilities come together to forge deep connections, share in meaningful experiences, and build lasting friendships.

Please contact the office for more information.  

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Our Shabbat gatherings are more than just religious observance; they are a celebration of our vibrant and welcoming community. Each week, we come together as diverse individuals, united by our shared faith and a spirit of inclusivity. Our Shabbat services are filled with warmth, song, and heartfelt connection, where newcomers are greeted with open arms and long-standing members find familiarity and belonging. In this unique blend of tradition and togetherness, we find not only spiritual nourishment but also the joy of forging lasting friendships. Join us on Shabbat, and experience the love and camaraderie that make our community a truly special place to be.

Our talented musicians play a vital role in creating a spirited Shabbat service, infusing each moment with their harmonious melodies and rhythms that elevate the collective spirit of our congregation. Do go to our YouTube Channel for more.

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