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Tikkun Olam: Healing Our World

Ahavat Torah's Social Action Committee actively works toward making a positive impact on the world.  We come together to address social injustices, environmental  concerns, and humanitarian causes. Through volunteering, fundraising, and  advocating for change,  our Tikkun Olam committee provides a platform for action.

                                       ISRAEL The SAC will focus on providing assistance to Israel and supporting the homeless in our community. 

                                    Rachel Bar provided important training to a group of congregant therapists who are willing to support families                                          in  Israel  and the USA who want support and counseling. 



                                      BIG SUNDAY PROGRAM:  4351 Melrose Ave., Los Angeles, 90038 

                                    Our congregants engage in  hands-on projects and gather together to help those in need. There are weekly                                                events Thursdays at 10 a.m. 



    We engage in programs and services with St. Bede's Episcopal Church and the First AME Church of Santa                    Monica.  What wonderful music we make together! 

                                       JEWISH WORLD WATCH—Ahavat Torah was one of the many founding synagogues of JWW, which continues to                                      fight genocide worldwide, and to not stand idly by when these atrocities occur. 



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